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Our TitanAlloy™ AR350 vs A 50 BMG 750 Gr. Hornady Amax Bullet @ Only 75 Yards.

Our new TitanAlloy™ AR350 steel is a new cutting edge supersteel derived from advanced proprietary treatment technology developed for special use in armor systems, aerospace, industrial and harsh abrasive environments. It excels in both extreme toughness and medium hardness values boasting extreme fracture resistance. TitanAlloy™ AR350 is the same alloy used in our pistol armor line exclusively.

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We offer cutting edge technology ballistic protection for you, your family, preppers, students, civilian, police and military service members. Here at Titan Armor we believe our products should be tough, as tough as you are being Titan Tough and living strong! With our background in metallurgy spanning several decades and vast experience working with several space age materials we have developed what is truly both a dream and nothing short of spectacular for you the customer. Whether your thinking about buying or have already bought need a replacement or an upgrade in personal defense please consider our truly innovative products to serve your protection needs!

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Curved 10x12 | Level 3A+
Curved 10x12 | Level 3A+
Micro ATC | Level 3A+
Micro ATC | Level 3A+
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